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Starting with commercials and music videos, EFFECTS ScreenArtz is now an outsourcing partner for international visual effects firms, contributing to high-profile films and television series.
  • All task-related information, such as task statuses, project details, shot information, artist assignments, approval dates, and delivery deadlines, are  manually entered and stored in a Google Sheet.
  • To keep everyone informed about task completions and project progress, updates from the Google Sheet are shared via WhatsApp messages.
Inefficiencies of the Traditional Method:
  1. Delayed Information Flow
  2. Increased Risk of Errors
  3. Lack of Centralization
  4. Limited Visibility and Transparency
  5. Time Wastage

The Shot Information Display System is a comprehensive and innovative web development project specifically designed to
enhance the management, visualization, and accessibility of task statuses for ongoing projects within the company.

  1. To address these significant challenges, the Shot Information Display System has been developed to extract data from the existing Google Sheet and present it in a more organized and user-friendly format on a dedicated website
  2. This website contains the information about the tasks that are assigned to different employees, project name, task name, artist name, approval date , delivery date, task status and percentage of project completed.
  3. The website can be projected on a TV or a large screen. This feature allows for a real-time display of the
    task statuses, making it possible for everyone in the workspace to stay informed about the progress of various tasks and projects.


It feels amazing to see your creations on the big screen or in advertisements, knowing they add depth to the story and impress the audience. Making the impossible seem real is what makes VFX so special.

Watching movies like “Jurassic Park” and “Star Wars” as a kid can spark a love for the magic of visual effects and inspire a desire to be part of bringing those stories to life.

Managing client requests and last-minute changes can be challenging in VFX, especially when they happen late in production. Additionally, solving intricate technical and artistic issues can be both mentally engaging and time-consuming.

Moving into a supervisory role in VFX means overseeing entire projects or departments, managing schedules, and ensuring deadlines are met. It also involves directly communicating with clients to grasp their vision, manage expectations, and integrate their feedback.

I’m good at using different VFX software and I’m artistic. I come from a fine art background. Deep technical knowledge, especially in areas like roto, prep, and compositing, makes me a reliable resource for tackling tough challenges.

3. 2D to 3D in Nuke - Surface_VOP Part I - Revolutionary Surface Compositing in Nuke

This blog is about converting or using attribute to force or manipulate another attribute. So in Houdini converting attribute is very common. So the first thing that came to my mind after using our manipulating attributes but why shouldn’t we use this in Nuke to use to compose it or any kind of purpose so the thing what I did was to create a gizmo which uses a 2D image based on the 2D image it uses a 3D representation or a 3D surface which matches 90% accurate to all kinds of cloth or any surface type of shots a body a cloth or any kind of shots.

For example we can convert the lighting attribute or a luminous Channel or red Channel green Channel blue Channel any channel to manipulate or Force another attribute like transform attribute or any color or anything that’s professional in Nuke. So let’s talk about Houdini for a bit, Houdini is a software which is very procedural and similar to new and can be used to attain many types of simulations in 3D workspace the main thing in Houdini is for example we can use a UV Channel to force a noise Channel or any Alpha Channel that gives us a very great simulation and stuff. So what I did was to create a gizmo that actually affects the transform data.

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